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[Cob] Hemp in cob

Georgie Donais georgie at
Thu May 8 05:53:36 CDT 2008


I have worked with hemp straw a little bit, and it seemed rather 
unsuitable for cob made by foot. The strands are curly and tend to 
get wrapped up together instead of getting distributed throughout the 
mix. They are also a bit sharp, so not so comfortable for the feet. 
The fibres do appear tough and durable though. And I have used hemp 
hurds in plaster to great effect.


At 05:28 PM 5/7/2008, Cjristos wrote:
>Do you have any idea about the life of the straw ( or of the hemp )  inside
>the cob mix? After how many years does it rots or loses its properties?
>Maybe this is an interesting comparison between hemp and straw. I am sure
>other people have think of it before but i haven't heard anything about it
>On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 5:12 PM, Deborah Terreson <foodandart at>
> > My best guess is that it would act much the same way as adding straw
> > to cob does. As far as plant materials go, hemp fibers are
> > phenomenally tough. If you can find whole lengths of raw hemp strands
> > to use, it would be an interesting project.
> >
> > Deb.
> >

Georgie Donais