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[Cob] Most fun cob workshop ever July12-13

Ray Cirino cobanation at
Mon Jun 30 19:38:37 CDT 2008

Ray Cirino’s  Butt House Cob Workshop

 Why hasn’t anyone
really made a restroom fun and educational? How come when there is a composting
toilet made its hidden away in the woods with hardly any details to make it
last in your mind? 

 We plan on changing
all the myths and scary things that have been attached to resting in that room.
They call it that to avoid scaring people or calling it a bathroom to avoid dealing
with that so called problem. Well now you can help yourself in learning cob and
composting in our first cob workshop here at Water
 Woman Gardens.
Serious attention will be put to this structure and the importance of
composting. First it will resemble a butt so it’s easy to know what it is and
we all know what that does.  Second it
will have no smell except for gardenia, roses, mint, or lavender that surround
it. Third the hardware details will mimic the microbs that digest the
nutrients. The roof will be able a living roof and able to catch some rainwater
for the garden. Let’s make this workshop bring the right attention in a fun way
to solve the problems and myths of restrooms once and for all.


When: July 12-13


Where: 3983
  East Blvd. Mar Vista,
 CA 90066


How much: $100
for the weekend  


What to bring: Most
tools are here as we mostly use our hands. Make sure you bring a note pad, old
clothes-shoes, food for solar cooker (veggies), sense of humor and a friend.


Note: You are
invited for free after your initial class to continue the project including
plaster, living roof, fine woodworking, and composting techniques until the
butt is completed. For more information on all the things you’ll be learning
check out:


Call: 818-834-7074
RSVP by sending check or money order to Ray Cirino

3983 East Blvd. Mar Vista, CA 90066 Deadline for signing up
is July 10. Maximum 30 cobbers.


Children welcome!