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[Cob] portable cob oven

Monica Proulx at
Sat Jul 12 20:10:21 CDT 2008


I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has built a portable cob oven and
was used to haul it around on (looking at using a two wheeled ex-pickup bed
and I am wondering about weight, balance, stability, etc.).  Also am curious
about cob with pumice (to keep weight down), if anyone has any experience
with that.


P.S., in searching for pumice/cob I found this very interesting site, and am
including this link in case everyone hasn't seen it yet:

In their own words they say:
"Eco-Sense is North America's FIRST code-approved seismically engineered
load bearing insulated cob house featuring: solar PV and wind power, grid
intertie, solar thermal heating, rainwater harvesting from a living roof,
composting toilet, grey water re-use, and passive solar design"

The owners of this business (Eco Sense) built a 1,500 sq ft cob home using
rotor-tiller (there you go Ed R.) structurally lightweight insulated cob
(SLIC) w/ 1/3 ea. pumice, sand, clay and lots of straw.  It is in British
Columbia, so I suspect milder winters.  They were a month ahead of schedule
on the walls, thats how efficient roto-cob is!  Impressive website, check
out their flickr pics.  Really nice house, curvy walls and all kinds of