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[Cob] Garden wall foundation

Dulane silkworm at
Sat Jul 12 23:29:43 CDT 2008

Thanks for the response. 

I want to extend a wall from my little round house, just to make a 'c'
shaped privacy area. It would begin under the roof overhang.

My house foundation is about 18" deep. I left some holes in the wall to join
to, but no immediate overlaps for joining to the foundation. The ground is
level, and it would only bear its own weight, with a little protective roof.

The ground drains well and I'm in Seattle, so freezes aren't too bad.

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This sounds like a trick question ;-) Is the ground the same elevation on
both sides of the wall? how tall will the wall be? is the wall holding
anything up or back? what would the consequences be if the wall moved and
cracked or fell? is there any slope in the ground near the wall? Is the wall
located near any structure such as a house, out house or well? will the wall
have any lateral or vertical pressure on it? What is the purpose of the

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> Does a foundation on a garden wall need to be as deep as a
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