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[Cob] Apprenticeships in Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas

mkdurham Durham origamickiteflyer at
Thu Oct 16 04:43:48 CDT 2008

I am interested in becoming a liaison for Albuquerque schools and Santa Fe
schools and establishing a community after-school project.

This would involve an established cob non-profit who will send a
representative/intern to an area elementary school as an instructor for
approximately 1.5 hours on-campus, two days a week.

The idea is giving young kids (middle school) the exposure to what cob
construction is, and how it may be applied in everyday life and at their
school. These kids may or may not choose an off-campus trip once a month to
get a hands-on feel for pre-built cob projects.  This project runs for one
semester.  The more important factor is giving them the exposure through
education, on-campus, 2X a week.

Thank you for considering this project.