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[Cob] Oregon ballot measure 63

philmoulton philmoulton at
Wed Oct 22 09:52:03 CDT 2008

In going threw my ballot I noticed measure 63
"Exempts specified property owners from building permit requirements for
improvement at/under 35.000 dollars"

Am I reading this correctly that it might be a "out" for getting building
permits for a "remodel" in building a Cob home.
As it will definitely cost only a fraction of $35,000. to build our Cob
home. And as I am leaving 1/4 of the home it is considered a remodel.

I have only seen book 2 of 2 and the state measures must be in part one.
Do you think this is a viable option to pursue...

Phil Moulton
Locopony Racing
cell# 503-236-0060