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[Cob] Tankless H2O heater

Ron Becker ron45 at
Wed Oct 22 16:24:03 CDT 2008

Is anyone up on using these. My concerns are is there that much of a  
savings if you are already turning off and on a conventional propane  
water heater. I realize the tankless stuff heats much less water.  
Also do they still have minimum water pressure requirements. If so  
are they all different? Looking on the net yesterday at various  
brands I saw no mention of water pressure.

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On Oct 22, 2008, at 8:52 AM, philmoulton wrote:

> In going threw my ballot I noticed measure 63
> "Exempts specified property owners from building permit  
> requirements for
> improvement at/under 35.000 dollars"
> Am I reading this correctly that it might be a "out" for getting  
> building
> permits for a "remodel" in building a Cob home.
> As it will definitely cost only a fraction of $35,000. to build our  
> Cob
> home. And as I am leaving 1/4 of the home it is considered a remodel.
> I have only seen book 2 of 2 and the state measures must be in part  
> one.
> Do you think this is a viable option to pursue...
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