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[Cob] Janet-windows, doors, thick walls

Shody Ryon qi4u at
Thu Dec 18 22:40:49 CST 2008

> you'll never get that mound of dirt warm. 
> Plus, your guy is
> right, that's trucks and trucks of material.  
> Have you explored straw bale? 
> Tys

I was thinking the same thing; that it would 
be hard to heat 5' think walls, but wouldn't 
it depend on if it were insulated "properly"
exterior to the cob?

Catch 22; proper insulation (1' cellulose @ 
R 3.8/inch = R 45.6 or whatever R value a bale 
would be) would negate the need for 5' thick 
cob, but if 5' think walls if used inside a 
complete high R value envelope which would 
include the floor (more than R 15 if there 
were a slab) and the ceiling and the 
foundation, walls if any.
It would help if condensation/dew point 
interior to the wall and vapor barrier issues 
were be understood.
Anyhow, with super insulation the cob should 
take on the avarage temp of the interior of 
the house, however the 5' thick walls would 
not be required.

The cave issue is a big issue. Most designers
and even feng shui practitioners (geomancy is 
care a great deal about the quality of light
inside a house, and 5' think walls not only 
cut down on the amount of light that enters 
the house but also greatly limit the view out 
the window. Think of placing a window shaped 
5' long tube sticking straight out and imagine 
the view out and the reduced light coming in.
You and I agree, are their other opinions?