Hosting Talks, Slide Shows and Demonstrations

Usually I give a slide show and cob demonstration in combination, leading off with the cob demonstration. The cob demonstration requires one hour and audience participation is encouraged. The slide show requires two hours and touches on a range of subjects: natural building, life style, simple living, small houses. One additional hour should be allocated to allow for questions and general discussion after the end of the slide show.

To host the cob demonstrations, you will need to provide:

  • A place for the cob demonstration
  • A small amount of straw (1/4 of a small bale is more than enough)
  • About 15 gallons of soil with enough clay content that it will stick together
  • Water

To host the slide show, you will need to provide:

  • A room with enough chairs for everyone to watch the slide show
  • A computer with USB port and software capable of displaying power-point (I use a USB memory device full of pictures rather than actual slides)
  • An adequate computer display for the audience, for small groups a computer monitor may be adequate, for larger groups a computer projector and screen may be necessary.

You will also need to get the word out in the form of any local advertising which may be appropriate. People who might be interested in participating in the cob demonstration should be warned to wear appropriate clothing, since clay can often cause stains.

Optionally, you may wish to consider setting the gathering up as a potluck dinner.

In addition to the above, you will need to provide meals (chicken, fish, and diary or straight vegetarian are okay) and a place for me to stay (I can sleep on anything, or just camp out - I carry with me all that I need). Normally I will arrive the day before the show/demonstration (this gives me time to look things over and make sure there are no problems) and leave the day after. You may also need to provide transport for me between my accomodations, the demonstration site and a local bus or train station.

There is no charge for any of this, however, donations will be accepted to help cover travel expenses, which will make it easier to continue providing these talks and demonstrations for others.

Because of the cost of travel, these talks and demonstrations are only offered in areas that I expect to be passing near (a couple hundred miles) while traveling (workshops, business, or vacation), or at home in Oregon or The Netherlands. If you are interested in hosting one of these events, please contact Shannon Dealy,