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Cob and Natural Building News

For recent cob/natural building news and events, please visit the Cob Cottage Company news web page

Alternative Building Techniques:


Cob is a traditional building technique which uses a mixture of earth (sand & clay) and straw (or other fiberous materials) to create walls, floors, plasters, sculptures, etc.. Cob is similar in appearance and compressive strength to adobe, but has superior tensile strength due to structures being built as a single piece (there is no mortar or "bricks") and it's higher fiber content.

Information on cob:

Straw Bale

Straw bale is a simple technique which uses bales of straw which are stacked to form walls, and then plastered (possibly with cob or other natural plasters) to make them fire proof and protect them from moisture/rot. Straw bale walls provide extremely high insulation value and can be built very quickly.

Information on straw bale:

  • Links to other sites
    • The Canelo Project (Strawbale and natural building workshops and information)
    • Surfin' Strawbale - The ULTIMATE source for strawbale construction links
    • The Last Straw - Strawbale and Natural Building newletter/journal
    • CREST (Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology) - Strawbale email list & lots of other good information. NOTE: they seem to have lost their domain name, if they are still around and you know anything about how to contact them or a new web site, please let me know: Shannon Dealy,

Other Natural Building Information


  • Links to other sites
    • Home Power Magazine - Lots of good information on alternative energy and getting off the grid.


Heating & Cooling:

Social Issues:

  • Links to other sites
    • Builders Without Borders - Promoting natural building as a means of solving social problems such as homelessness by teaching people to create healthy, affordable and sustainable housing from local materials.


Waste (Sewage, Garbage, Recycling):